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Interested in applying for Tesseract?

PCS required to the National Capital Region (NCR)

Tesseract members are a key part to implementing the SECAF and CSAF-approved Basing and Logistics Enterprise Strategy (BLES) to research, develop, and implement new concepts, metrics, and methodologies to maximize the readiness of our weapons systems. Tesseract is also involved with leading efforts to lift the burden off the backs of Airmen by adopting commercial best practices and scaling new advanced software and technologies with our partners at the bases, MAJCOMs, AFIT Education with Industry office, AFWERX, AFRL Information Directorate, Software Engineering Groups, Kessel Run, the Rapid Sustainment Office, and many others. Tesseract is a key integrator for educating, communicating, and generating Theory of Constraints methods as a common approach for problem solving. Join us…Tesseract - Air Force Logistics Office of Innovation

Job Openings


1. Process Advancement Team (Enlisted E1-E8)

2. Process Advancement Team (Enlisted E1-E8)
UPDATED: 12/5/2022: Applications will be due to our help desk by 2359 ET on Monday, 19 Dec 2022.


Position Descriptions


Process Advancement Summary:

On Tesseract, as a Process Advancement Team Member, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the overall development of process-related innovations and their injection into policy, strategy, and procedures to achieve mission readiness goals. Notably, you will be involved in the education, generation, and communication of the Theory of Constraints (ToC) methodology, and aid in the sustainment of constraint-based program management within the A4 enterprise. You will also coordinate with the Concept Integration Branch of Tesseract to integrate material solutions and technologies with any identified enterprise constraints or changes required for process advancement and progression.

Concept Integration Summary:

On Tesseract, as a Concept Integration Team Member, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the overall development of policy, strategy, technical requirements, and procedures for emerging sustainment technology, hardware, and software initiatives. You will be primarily responsible for the success of new and innovative Airman ideas, acting as a program manager to ensure reliable performance, integration, and adherence to DoD and AF policies of new idea injects. You will be part of the larger innovation organization and interact with all key stakeholders and functional requirements owners to determine integration and sustainment of innovative concepts across the A4 Enterprise. You will also coordinate with the Process Advancement Branch of Tesseract to integrate technologies with any identified enterprise constraints or changes required for process advancement.

Acquisitions Strategy:

As an Acquisitions Strategy Program Manager, you will be the team’s acquisition subject matter expert and advisor to the Air Force Director of Logistics and Tesseract. You will get the opportunity to manage multiple contracts with $100M+ ceiling, develop and maintain a comprehensive acquisition portfolio of hardware and software, and seek out sources of funding for opportunities in support of Tesseract priorities (AFWERX, USTRANSCOM, etc.) Additionally, you will act as a Liaison between AFDW Contracting and Tesseract. Finally, you will be the lead Acquisitions Advisor for the Logistics Directorate (AF/A4L) Advanced Concepts and Technology Strategy, Policy, Resourcing, and Implementations.


The Hiring Process

Up for the challenge? First, lets walk through what to expect:

Phase 1: Submit your screening application to the Tesseract Help Desk (instructions & application below)

Phase 2: After submitting your screening application, our hiring team will review your qualifications and if selected, reach out to schedule a virtual interview. This interview will go over your screening application and the hiring panel will ask any clarifying questions. Additionally, the panel may ask specific questions related to your experience, culture fit, familiarization with certain topics, etc.

Phase 3: If selected for a full time position, our team will reach out to begin working with your local leadership, AFPC assignments, and your career field manager to start the PCS and gaining process.

To begin the application process, please download the following Screening Application. Once completed, rename the file to FirstName_LastName_Oct2022 and upload your application using the Hiring Application Submission ticket via the Tesseract Help Desk. For any additional questions or assistance please open a Contact Us ticket via the help desk.

Download Screening Application Here: Application Oct 2022


Q: Who is eligible to apply for Tesseract?
A. At this time, we are accepting active duty, guard, and reservist military personnel. Keep a lookout for civilian positions in the near future!

Q: What unit does Tesseract report to? Where is Tesseract located?
A: Tesseract reports to HAF/A4L (Logistics Directorate) at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. but operates out of an office space on Andrews AFB.

Q: I have applied in previous rounds of hiring, should I reapply?
A: Yes! Our application grows and changes with the team. YOU also grow and change. We would appreciate you submitting an updated application!

Q: Is an Active Duty Service Commitment (ADSC) incurred with this assignment?
A: Besides the required Permanent Change of Station ADSC, no additional ADSC is incurred with these positions.

Q: Is there a pre-determined follow-on assignment after serving on this team?
A: No. There is no required/pre-determined follow-on assignment.

Q: Do I need my Chain of Command’s approval to apply?
A: The application requires you to notify your leadership that you are applying. We may reach out to them to ask additional questions about your application. However, their approval is not required for assignment actions to be accomplished.

Q: My records are not perfect…Will I still be considered?
A: We will still fairly consider and review all applicants. We do not disqualify/hire solely based on previous records.

Q: I do not have 2 years Time on Station, does that disqualify me?
A: No. Still apply if you’re interested.

Q: I have a duty limiting condition, does that disqualify me?
A: No. Still apply. We will handle coding on a case-by-case basis. Please note, frequent travel is required.

Q: I want to join Tesseract, but I don’t want to PCS. How can I still be involved?
A: Join our LNO Network! Go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab of our website.

Q: I just got promoted and am in upgrade training, will this impact my upgrade?
A: If selected, we will work with your Career Field Management to mitigate upgrade concerns. However, please prioritize accomplishing your core tasks before reporting to the team.

Q: I haven’t gone to SOS/ALS/NCOA/SNCOA etc. Will that disqualify me?
A: No. However, again, please prioritize accomplishing this before reporting to the team if able.

Q: What can I expect as a Report No Later Than Date (RNLTD) after being hired?
A: You can anticipate reporting approximately 6 mos after hire. We will work with you, your losing Commander, AFPC, and your CFM to ensure an optimal RNLTD.

More FAQs coming soon!