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Liaison Network Overview

The Tesseract core team is successful with the help of continuous momentum forged from a community of liaisons (LNOs) that accurately reflect the voice and willpower of Airmen who accelerate change. The liaisons further Tesseract initiatives in the field and are the eyes and ears of innovation in the A4 community.

The current community exists on the digital platform SLACK. However, the community and the constituents' interactions with one another is the true platform. Slack is merely a tool that will one day be replaced. It is the community, team effort, and communication that exist within this Tesseract ecosystem that keeps it alive. The ecosystem is self-sustaining and self-monitoring, similar to that of a Co-Op. Existing and growing through the people that are members of the community. While the same members will learn and grow from being part of the same ecosystem (Ubuntu).

Want to learn more? Check out our LNO Communication Strategy or click the link below to submit a request to join!


1. LNO Communication Strategy